Rebecca Frye

Position: Communications & Public Relations Specialist

Becca comes to the ATC with more than 15 years of environmental and animal protection experience in the nonprofit sector-working as a fundraiser, lobbyist, investigator and marketer. She studied mass communications/public relations as an undergrad and environmental science/public policy at the graduate level. 

While growing up in West Virginia, she developed a lifelong passion for nature and animals.  She is excited to become a part of the ATC team so that she can work to inspire that stewardship in others.

Becca has lived in many places across the country and is always up for international travel. Most of the time, however, you will find her listening to Appalachian, jazz, and bluegrass music (she is currently trying to master the bagpipe), puttering in her native plant garden, rescuing animals, whipping up awesome vegan recipes, upcycling some art or, of course, hiking.