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Mountain Valley Pipeline

A project that will have devastating impacts on the Appalachian Trail, the local drinking water, and the economy.

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​An Unnecessary Threat to the A.T.

​The Appalachian Trail Conservancy ​is strongly opposed to the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline project, which would cause irreversible damage to the Appalachian Trail.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline, spearheaded by EQT Corporation, is proposed to carry fracked natural gas for over 300 miles through the Virginia and West Virginia countryside, crossing over dozens of water sources, through protected areas and breaching the A.T. corridor. The pipeline will run parallel to the Appalachian Trail for over 90 miles and carve ugly gashes in the landscape that will be seen from 20 miles away.

We have a history of working collaboratively to ensure that the energy needs of the public are met while preserving the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and the unique hiking experience the A.T. provides. However, the proposed pipeline will needlessly devastate the Appalachian Trail on an unprecedented scale. 

Bad for
the A.T.

Bad for
Our Water

Bad for
the Economy

Major Problems

Thousands of people have voiced their opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline, expressing a number of major problems including: 

Mountain Valley Pipeline will destroy the Appalachian Trail

Permanent damage to our Country's National Park — the Appalachian Trail

The proposed pipeline route would require the creation of a 125-foot swath up and down steep slopes in hazardous areas, which would destroy thousands of acres of pristine forest, visible for 60 miles away. Multiple iconic viewpoints in Virginia will be severely impacted, including Angels Rest, Kelly Knob, Rice Fields, and Dragons Tooth — some of the most visited and photographed locations on the entire A.T.

To accommodate the visual and environmental damage that would be caused by the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the U.S. Forest Service would also need to lower the Jefferson National Forest Management Plan standards for water quality, visual impacts and the removal of old-growth forest. Modifying the forest management plan will open the door for Mountain Valley Pipeline to destroy heritage landscapes and disregard public interests. 


Mountain Valley Pipeline will devastate the local drinking water

Health and safety concerns including ​threats to the drinking water supply

Situated on land that is unstable, crossing over a known and active seismic zone, the risk of severe erosion, landslides and pipeline failure are extremely high. Such instability also poses a high likelihood of natural gas leaks, which could poison the surrounding environment and contaminate the drinking water used by nearby communities.

Mountain Valley Pipeline will harm the local economy

Damage to local ​jobs

Many local communities are staunch supporters of the A.T. and benefit from tourism dollars provided by hikers and other visitors. Economic studies show the potential negative impacts the pipeline would have on the income and property values in the surrounding areas. 

A Bad Idea from the Start

Kelly's Knob - Before and After Picture. Mountain Valley Pipeline will severely impact this section the Appalachian Trail.

This simulation shows the devastating impacts the Mountain Valley Pipeline would have on the natural view from Kelly Knob, a popular viewpoint on the A.T. in Virginia. This is only one of dozens of locations along the A.T. that would be impacted by the pipeline corridor, which would be visible for close to 100 miles of the Trail.

'A pipeline that would cut through the iconic Appalachian Trail sparks a fight over natural gas expansion' - Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2017

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Take Action! 

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is an unprecedented threat to the Appalachian Trail landscape, clean drinking water sources and local jobs in the surrounding communities. By lending your voice, you are telling your representatives that we all deserve greater scrutiny for poorly planned projects like the MVP that could permanently damage the surrounding economy and irreplaceable landscapes forever.

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